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NFT Creative Studio Curated by experts.

Earn 60% of profits from our LaunchPad when you hold our NFT. 100% of royalties we earn from projects we launch go back to holders. Matūki supports Solana and Ethereum with Near Protocol coming in Q2.

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An NFT with deflationary tokenomics that allows holders to earn passively while having first access to high quality NFT collections hand picked by experts.

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Mint one of Three Tiers.

We leverage a profit-sharing model to reward the holders of our NFT. We share 60% of the profit we make from launching collections and 100% of royalties we earn from projects we launch go back to holders. All profits are dispersed equally among all three tiers. Each tier comes with its own unique perks more details can be found below.


Tiers & Additional Details

Tier I Black Pass

Tier I Black Pass


Earn 60% of our profit pool when you hold a Black Pass. Our airdrops are delivered in Solana. When we launch a project on Ethereum or NEAR Protocol those tokens are swapped to Solana and airdropped to holders.

Tier II Gold Pass

Tier II Gold Pass


The Gold pass, nicknamed 'The Creator Pass' gives you all of the same benefits of Tier I and additional benefits geared towards artists and project founders. With Tier II you burn one pass to LaunchPad your project and receive free project consultation. In addition to this earn 100% of secondary royalties associated with projects we launchpad.

Tier X Platinum Pass

Tier X Platinum Pass


Our most exclusive membership. Includes everything in Tier II and more. Holding a Platinum Pass gives you access to the front of the line when whitelist spots are given to Matuki from the projects we launchpad. With the Platinum pass you also receive the largest discount when launching your own project.

Multi Chain LaunchPad

We help incubate, develop, support, and fully launch your NFT collection. Our cutting edge tech expertise ensures that your launch is goes over smoothly. We push the boundaries of Web 3 and the MetaVerse and are constantly aiming to reshape the 'meta'.

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Our Unique Approach

Learn About Our Unique Approach

Our process is collaborative and iterative. With every new project, we take the time to listen to the needs of our partners in order to build a body of work from first principles. We divide the work into three phases, in which the head and the hand are always present: understanding, thinking and making. In every phase we present developments for review and feedback before progressing on to the next.

Services //

Custom Smart Contract

We develop state-of-the-art Smart Contracts for variety of cases that serve to help you acheive your goals. Top-notched workflow, perform as expected, reliable, and optimized. Currently suitable for Ethereum and Solana with NEAR Protocol coming soon.

Whitelist Management

We help you collect and manage your whitelist using our strategies. At Matuki we offer flexible solutions that allow you to whitelist your community in various ways wether it be with Whitelist tokens or a whitelist based strictly off wallet addresses.

Custom SPL Token Support & Services

Allow your community to mint your collection with just their email and credit or debit card. No crypto required whatsoever.

Advanced Art Generation

Layers, specific rules and conditions, you name it. No matter how much detail your art generation may require, our we have the tools to ensure your collection turns out as you imagined.

Mint With Credit Card

Allow your community to mint your collection with just their email and credit or debit card. No crypto required whatsoever.

Pricing &

Non Holder

20% Fee

We charge non holders 20% of their mint for our Launchpad services.

Tier I Black Pass

12% Fee

With Tier I you burn one Tier I Matuki Launchpasses and pay 12% of your mint for our Launchpad service.

Tier II Gold Pass

8% Fee

With Tier II you burn one Tier II Matuki Launchpasses and pay 8% of your mint for our Launchpad services.

Tier X Platinum Pass

5% Fee

With Tier X you burn one Tier X Matuki Launchpass and pay 5% of your mint for our Launchpad services.

The Supply of Matuki LaunchPasses is and will always be deflationary*

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